Rezension Big Story Books

geschrieben von Irena Köstenbauer

Big Story Books

Langenscheidt-Longman ELT
Authors: Prof. Dr Frederike Klippel and Ingrid Preedy

No matter how excellent and comprehensive coursebooks are, good teachers have always been looking for additional stimulating teaching materials to relieve the monotony of their lessons and to avoid routine. I would like to recommend the Big Story Books as an excellent source of extra activities for primary school teachers. Because of their big format the books can be easily used with numerous classes.

The series consists of 7 big books, a complementary CD and teacher´s handouts. The books are divided into two levels:

Level 1 -- after the first year of English

Ketchup with Everything ISBN 50869

Have you seen my Cat 50870

Tosh 50873

Level 2 -- after the second year of English

The New Machine ISBN 50871

Debbie 50872

Big B 50874

Lost in Boston 50875

Christmas Surprise 50876

Audio CD 57544

Teacher´s handouts 50877

The "Spiralbindung" makes it easy to present the stories to the children. The back side of the page contains a small copy of the picture, the story and also interesting ideas for extra activities, a list of useful phrases and new vocabulary. Many stories can be acted out.

Morover, at the back side of the book the teacher can see the same small picture he/she is just presenting and the text.